April 2017

Digital creative industries working with museums

Towns, cities and regions that offer a cultural mix are better able to compete not just for tourism visits but also for talent and inward investment. Vibrant places attract creative innovative people to live, work, study. These people both setup and grow their own businesses and act as a honey pot for other investors and entrepreneurs eager to seek out talent.

Museums form a vital part of the cultural mix. They are unique assets that enable people to understand and enhance local distinctiveness, pride and identity. Despite the museums sector facing exceptional financial challenges and an increasing number being mostly or entirely volunteer-run, the South’s museums are ambitious to keep up with the expectations of an increasingly digital-savvy public.

An exciting partnership between Southampton Solent University, the South East Museum Development Programme, Digital South and Creative Network South is brokering new connections between museums in the South East of England and the digital creative sectors.

This partnership is helping museums to create more exciting and meaningful experiences for visitors. Drawing on the outstanding innovative capacity of the South’s digital and creative talent,
creativity and technology are being used to breathe fresh life into some of the region’s museums and develop ideas that can be scaled up and developed across a wider geography.

At a ‘Museums Hack Day’ event at Solent University in June, museums will be teamed with designers, developers, technologists and other digital and creative professionals, to improve three key areas of visitor experience: making the museum experience more interactive; giving a wider range of people access to collections and associated information; and providing more effective and stimulating learning and discovery experiences.

The project is also creating an online platform where the digital creatives taking part in the Museum Hack can showcase their skills and ideas. This will be available for view both by museums taking part in the event and by the hundreds of others supported by the South East Museum Development Programme, so helping to raise the profile of the talent that the South’s digital creatives offer.

If your business would like to take part in the Museums Hack Day, please email MuseumsDigitalCreatives@ hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk.