The Creative industries are one of the fastest expanding sectors in the economy and offer an extraordinary wide range of career opportunities.

  • Two thirds of all creative jobs in Hampshire are related to digital technology . Businesses are eager to harness new technology to access new markets, drive business performance and enhance the experience of their customers. Within the sector opportunities exist  for people with a flair for technology and coding, design, problem solving or communication.
  • Demand for Digital Media and Creative Content has globally grown faster than any other traded commodity since the start of the millennium. This has created demand for web designers and web content developers, filmmakers, journalists and writers, musicians and sound engineers, animators and designers. The digital age has also created opportunities in the advertising marketing and communications sectors.
  • Design and Creativity are increasingly being seen as a key way in which businesses can add value and differentiate themselves from competitors. Creative flare is often highly sought after in business sectors such as advanced engineering, marine construction and retailing. Creative Graduates, Apprentices, School and College Leavers are therefore not necessarily restricted to careers within the creative economy itself.
  • A wide range of opportunities also exist within the sector for people who want to follow a passion or wish to utilise there entrepreneurial flair. More than one in five new businesses in Hampshire are creative
Creative Network South

Creative Network South’s work on employment and skills has been led by the youth arts development agency Artswork. Artswork places arts and culture at the heart of work with, for and by children and young people.

Artwork believe quality arts and cultural experiences can transform the lives of young people. Therefore, their work creates opportunities for young people to lead, participate, work in, experience and enjoy arts and cultural opportunities regionally, nationally and internationally.

They know that great arts and cultural experiences can empower the individual as well as the economy and society.

History and achievements

Since 2012, Artswork has worked in partnership with creative and cultural industry employers, the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire, and the Sector Skills Council, Creative and Cultural Skills, to create 37 new jobs (as of June 2015).

They have also created 78 creative skills initiative placements for young people across the South East.

This has developed from their excellent record of delivering 105 jobs as part of the Future jobs Fund in 2011/12.

Artswork is highly experienced in delivering work-based learning jobs and placements designed to suit both employers and the young people working for and with them.

They work hard for employers and young people to provide meaningful employment, supported by tailored learning and enhanced by an enrichment programme designed to build team skills and leadership.